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This instruction isn't intended to be a primary location of learning to program the HP Prime.

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These are a few things I've spent hours learning and just want to share so another novice programmer can get up and running faster. Once you add text to your program results, you are no longer allowed to do calculations.

I prefer not using text because I can't do further calculations with the result unless I type it on the home screen myself. When trying to display two or more numbers in a result and still do calculations, I use a matrix or a list. Matrixs allow the display of multiple numbers from a program's results as well as allowing you to do further as seen in the pic.

In order to use a matrix, you must go to the matrix list on the HP Prime, and select M1 our matrix of choicethen choose it to be a vector. Lists allow the display of multiple numbers from a program's results as well as allowing you to do further as seen in the pic. By DemolisionWolf Follow. More by the author:.

For now, I'm just covering how to display program results. Depending on what you want to display, there are several options.

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M1 1 refers to matrix one and the first element in the matrix. M1 2 refers to matrix one and the second element in the matrix.

RETURN M1; Matrixs allow the display of multiple numbers from a program's results as well as allowing you to do further as seen in the pic.

hp ppl

L1 1 refers to List 1 and it's first element. L1 2 refers to List 1 and it's second element. RETURN L1; Lists allow the display of multiple numbers from a program's results as well as allowing you to do further as seen in the pic. Or, you can run the program from the CAS home, then press the button left of the delete button.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Half Square Triangles Kinetic Art by andrei.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This new version of the manual finally fixes the misleading info in the programming section, which used to be HP 39gII material.

Now it explains each programming command for the HP Prime instead, with some examples. Some programs such as a 3D Grapher and games have already been made or are in the process of being made for it. Hey, that 3D grapher isn't orthogonal, even! Orthogonal rendering is easier, stuff doesn't get smaller as it gets further back.

Also has a small advantage when comparing two locations, but generally less intuitive. Click here to give me an internet! Quote from: willrandship on October 13,am.

Quote from: Sorunome on October 13,am. Actually from a comment on HP Museum, it appears that the password is only for the Firmware stuff, not the manuals. That said, I think it's better to have access to the manual now if HP is gonna take months and months before making them public.

The current guidebook that comes with the emulator is totally outdated and misleading for example when I tried using colors, all I got was black, because the manual used the HP 39gII syntax. I think it's pretty much the community that came up with the name, because older manuals never did any reference to the name.

SMF 2.Docs : Commands list! Returns the factorial of a positive integer. For non-integers,! Returns the result of multiplying Object1 and Object2.

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Returns the result of adding Object2 to Object 1. The objects may be… - — Subtraction. Returns the result of subtracting Object2 from Object 1. Returns the result of dividing Object1 by Object2. Tests whether or not Value1 is less than Value 2. Tests if Value1 is not equal to Value 2. Returns 1 if true, 0 if false. Tests whether or not Value1 is greater than Value 2. Returns the result of raising Value1 to the power of Value2. ABS — For numerical arguments, returns the absolute value of the expression.

For… abscissa — Returns the abscissa of a point or a vector. ACOT — Arc cotangent. The function derived from the inverse of the Cotangent function. ACSC — Arc cosecant.

The function derived from the inverse of the Cosecant function. ALOG — The common antilogarithm. Returns 1 if both value1 and value2 are non-zero; otherwise… angle — Returns the measure of a directed angle. The first point is taken as the vertex… angleat — Used in Symbolic view.

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Given the three points of an angle and a fourth point as… angleatraw — angleatraw A,B,C,z0 displays at point z0the value of the measure of the… Ans — ANS: Last answer. Returns the result of the last calculation made in Home view… append — Append an element to a list. The… area — Returns the area of a circle or polygon. Can also return the area under a curve… areaat — Displays at point z0with a legend, algebraic area of a circle or of a star … areaatraw — Displays at point z0algebraic area of a circle or of a star- polygon e.

ASEC — Arc secant. The function derived from the inverse of the Secant function.

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Takes one integer as input and returns its bitwise not. Takes n integers as input and returns their… black — For example, suppose you have drawn a circle in the Geometry app.Author: Han Duong original article.

That said, any source file may be written completely on a computer and transferred to the calculator or emulator, completely bypassing the built-in Program Editor. Press the S key followed by the 1 key to view the Program Catalog. At the very top will always the source file for the current app.

Below the source file for the current app are the source files of user programs. To create a new program, press OK from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You will then be presented with a new input screen titled "New Program" and be required to enter in the name of the "new program. After pressing OK you will be presented with the Program Editor with a default template as shown below:. To exit the Program Editor, simply press the J key.

All changes are automatically saved. Additionally, the source code is parsed to check for syntax errors and, if no errors are found, compiled. If an error was found, the first error is displayed in a message box after exiting and no compilation occurs.

To validate the source code without exiting the Program Editor, press Check on the menu at the bottom of the screen.

If an error is found, the cursor and screen will be moved to the location of the first error found. If no errors are found, a message box saying "No errors in the program" will be displayed. Moreover, the source code is also compiled even while still inside the Program Editor. At runtime, the header is used to enable access to exported functions or variables. Functions are called by their pointers.

The header remains even after a reboot warmstart whereas the binary does not. If a function is called and its binary does not exist, then the binary will be compiled as needed without requiring user intervention.

Remark: The phrase "new program" as used by the New menu option in the Program Catalog is misleading. The name specified in the input screen is the name of the source file. It is used by the system to create a template procedural function i. However, the procedural function need not have the same name as the source file.

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Moreover, one may even create several procedural functions within the same source file. In fact, one may even use a single source file to create all the programs and variables that will ever be used on the calculator! So "new program" should really be "new project" conceptually speaking.

One of the underlying principles in programming the HP Prime is that programs are essentially written as if commands will be executed in the Home view. One of the features of the Home view is that the command line parses commands without distinguishing upper and lower case.

Moreover, there are commands which behave differently when typed in upper case vs. That said, since programs are essentially a sequence of commands executed in the Home view, one may type the source code completely in lower case while accounting for the few instances in which COMMAND has counterpart named command.This is my first ever non RPL program and it took me several hours to figure it out and get it to work, since I'm totally unfamiliar with the language, syntax, conventions and interface.

Also, many needed commands are not included or explained in the calculator commands list. In other cases I received a syntax error doing a Check of the code when using the exact syntax shown in an example in the User Guide. Fortunately, however, I did not corrupt the flash drive this time around.

Note that I have substituted "Theta" and "SQRT" in this posting in place of the actual symbols, since they would not display properly. Those only make sense on a RPN only system that does not assume each command will return only a single result. The way this is designed is that you can toggle your complex number forms. What is missing is a command to do this inside a program. Thanks, Tim. I hadn't noticed that key. Quote: This is my first ever non RPL program and it took me several hours to figure it out and get it to work, since I'm totally unfamiliar with the language, syntax, conventions and interface.

Like I said, I'm very new to this and could definitely improve. Shore on 18 Octp.

hp ppl

It is very good for a first attempt Michael. It also fills a much needed gap IMO. Hi Eddie, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm definitely a lightweight in this crowd.

HP Prime for All

I've revised the program code per Han's suggestion and it makes for a better operation. Instead of the inputs appearing separately, they now appear on a single screen, although the number of keystrokes and entries remains unchanged. Quote: Hi Eddie, Thanks for the encouragement. I had not even messed with the emulator until I got my calculator in late September only a few weeks ago. There are still lots of things we are all still trying to figure out on the calculator.

Good luck programming -- I'm just glad the language is very easy to learn and also quite fast.

Shore Hi Eddie, Thanks for the encouragement.It was designed with features resembling those of smartphonessuch as a full-color touchscreen display and the ability to expand functionality by means of downloadable applications. The functionality of the HP Prime is also available as emulation software for PCs and Macs, [6] as well as for various smartphones. Both the standard and CAS modes function independently of each other and the calculator can quickly switch between the two, unlike some of its competitors, such as the TI-Nspire series by Texas Instrumentswhich comes in either CAS-supported models or non-CAS models.

hp ppl

This enables various features of the calculator such as CAS functionality, user-created apps, notes, etc. This can be done manually within the calculator's menus, or by using a computer with HP's connectivity software. This is based on a language introduced on the HP 38G and built on in subsequent models. This model does not support wireless connectivity, unit-to-unit USB communication, or data streaming.

The calculator is manufactured by Inventec Besta and utilizes a modified version of their Besta operating system. It was introduced in May The third production model, which was introduced in Augusthas a revised color scheme with darker blue and orange colors for an improved readability of the keyboard.

This version features an NXP i.

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It is labelled "G2" on the back. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on The Calculator Store.

hp ppl

Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on The Verge. HP Prime Calculator Portal. Alberta Education. August Hewlett-Packard calculators.

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